Roger spent two weeks in the Boarding School program due to serious issues of aggression, both with people and other dogs. After two weeks in Morgan’s home, this video was taken of Roger being introduced to the daycare. “Roger was a very confused dog. He had no desire to be the “lead dog” in his household and was very stressed. Once someone showed him that he didn’t have to make all the decisions, he settled in, relaxed and began enjoying life!” – Morgan

Morgan began training at a very young age and other than a brief stint working as a Network Administrator she has continued to learn, adapt and advance in the world of dog training.

After achieving Master Trainer Certification she began bringing home trophies and ribbons from AKC Obedience and Schutzhund trials. Some of her accomplishments in the competitive world include High in Trial (AKC Obedience and Schutzhund), High protection (Schutzhund), High Obedience (Schutzhund) along with many first place finishes in AKC Obedience. She has titled a multitude of dogs of varying ages and breeds including Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds.

Along with competing, Morgan also enjoys training working K9’s for placement in Police Departments and prisons across the United States, training retrieves for service and hunting dogs, and rehabilitating dogs with aggression issues.

Check our Seminars page to see if Morgan is coming to your area soon. These seminars cover everything from basic obedience, dealing with aggression, trick training, competitive obedience, tracking, scent detection, search and rescue and more!

Boo-Duh LOVES to learn! What could be better to do with such an incredible dog than to achieve AKC Obedience titles! This video is of Boo-Duh after roughly 20 training sessions in the Day Training program.

Race is a young Malinois whose owners want to title in both AKC Obedience and Schutzhund. They participate in the Competitive Obedience, Competitive Tracking, and Competitive Protection Drop-In classes. In this video Race was just finishing spending a week in the Boarding School program brushing up with Morgan on his precision. Shortly after this video was taken Race and his owners achieved the 3rd and final leg of their AKC Novice, or Companion Dog, title. Look for more titles to be added to Race’s name!

Payge and Morgan achieving the final leg of their AKC Novice, Companion Dog, title with a first place finish.

Payge and Morgan completing their Schutzhund/VPG II track. The Schutzhund II track is aged 30 minutes and is laid by a stranger. This track was scored as 97/100 which is considered a ‘V’ rating; The highest rating available in the sport.

This video is of Kal and his owner completing their first ever AKC Obedience Trial. They not only achieved the first leg of their AKC Novice, Companion Dog, title, they also caught the “show bug”! After this they continued on to achieve the CD and CDX titles! They paticipated in Group Classes and the Competitive Obedience Drop-In Class.

This video is of Payge and Morgan completing the obedience portion of their Schutzhund/VPG II title. They achieved a respectable 94/100 on this routine.