Next Seminar:

March 21 – 22, 2015

Off Broadway Pet Boarding and Training
152 Frontage Road
Forest City, NC 28043
(828) 245-7002


This beginner seminar will teach you and your dog the basics of Competitive Obedience, Scent Detection and Tracking for dogs of all sizes and ages. Whether you’re interested in competing or looking for a hobby for you and your dog, this seminar will give you all the tools you need to start achieving your goals!

Please contact the facility directly to reserve your spot for this beginner seminar.

Unable to attend the seminar but still want your dog to spend some time learning fun new skills? No problem! Our trainer will be staying in town until the 29th to work directly with dogs and owners who are looking for a jump start on their specialized training. She will also be consulting on aggressive dog rehabilitation cases with the on-site trainer. These week long programs can be done with Day Training, Boarding School or Private Lessons. For more information on any of these programs, be sure to call Off Broadway today!

Information for Facilities

Morgan is available for seminars across the nation. These seminars focus on various avenues of training including competitive obedience, tracking, search and rescue and scent detection work. Facilities may schedule to have Morgan at their location for one, two, seven or fourteen days. The seven and fourteen day options include hands-on training with dogs in the specialty or specialties chosen by dog owners. Morgan has years of experience rehabilitating dogs with various aggression issues and is available for consultations with both owners and trainers of these dogs during her visits.