Welcome to Performance Canine, Inc!


At Performance Canine, Inc. we believe in quality over quantity! That’s why the number of pups in our Daycare is limited each and every day. And yes we mean EVERYDAY! You’re four-legged friend can come play 7 days a week in our fun and well supervised Daycare.


If your dog enjoys frolicking in the Daycare, they are more than welcome to sleep with their buddies in the Daycare room, but for those dogs desiring more privacy our private Boarding room is just the thing to make them feel comfortable and content.

Pet Training

Pet Training

Our Trainer enrolls a limited number of dogs per month so be sure to schedule your FREE Training Orientation today!

Be sure to check out Domini at Instinct K9 if our training programs don’t fit your needs!


Scent Detection Training

If your dog needs a job, Scent Detection training could be just what you’re looking for! Whether you need a hobby truffle hunter or a Certified Cell Phone Detector Dog, our training programs and certifications are just what you need.


Competitive Training

Our training programs focus on AKC Obedience and Schutzhund Titling. With a multitude of first place finishes and High in Trial awards, our trainer has the experience and dedication to get you to your goal!


Police K9

We believe that every department across the nation should be able to afford top quality K9s and with our innovative program – We deliver. Contact us today to see what we can do to provide you with your next single or dual purpose K9.

Our Hours:   Monday - Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm   |   Saturday 9:am - 5:pm   |   Sunday 9:am-5:pm   |   Holidays Closed