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No Group Classes tonight (August 11th) due to the heat.

You can check the schedule and level descriptions anytime on the Group Class page.

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If your dog is training with us, be sure to check the Your Video page to see if video of your dog has been posted yet.

New videos posted 1/06/13


At Performance Canine, Inc. we believe in quality over quantity! That’s why the number of pups in our Daycare is limited each and every day. And yes we mean EVERYDAY! You’re four-legged friend can come play 7 days a week in our fun and well supervised Daycare.


If your dog enjoys frolicking in the Daycare, they are more than welcome to sleep with their buddies in the Daycare room, but for those dogs desiring more privacy our private Boarding room is just the thing to make them feel comfortable and content.


Our goal at Performance Canine, Inc. is to help you and your dog unleash your potential! Performance Canine, Inc. offers Training Programs to fit nearly every schedule, budget, and training goal! Call today to schedule your FREE Training Orientation.

Our Hours:   Monday - Friday 6:30am - 6:30pm   |   Saturday 9:am - 5:pm   |   Sunday 9:am-5:pm   |   Holidays Closed